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SoGoSurvey: a perfect tool for your Research

After spending a lot of hours searching for a perfect tool for collecting data for my research, I decided to use SoGoSurvey. I believe this platform to be very powerful, with many functions and options as well as with an easy-to-use interface. When collecting data for research I believe it is very important to have a very user friendly both for the researcher and for the users, as you need to maximise the cognitive effort that participants dedicate to your research in the minimum amount of time.

This software is perfect for research questionnaires to be submitted through social media or other platforms. It has embedded reporting functions that would help you to analyse the data and to have fast glances at how the research is progressing. The great amount of question types can allow researchers to use a comprehensive set of survey and research scales that can fit everybody’s needs, especially in the field of social sciences.

In my opinion, this tool is perfect especially for students and researchers in small institutions that cannot afford the prices of other platforms such as Qualtrics. SoGoSurvey is much more accessible in terms of prices and offers free advanced or super discounted (up to 75%) licences for students and academic staff. This allows student and researchers to have high quality data and more professional interfaces when compared to other tools such as Google Forms.

I would rate SoGoSurvey 8,5 on 10.

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